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WPPL 103.9 Blue Ridge, Georgia

I LOVE Tammie Davis - When I first heard "Tall Dark and Lonesome" I knew that my listeners in Mountain County were going to love it and indeed they do, then when Tammie came to visit I felt like I was visiting with and old friend. And then she sang live for me and I was hooked. Tammie is a modern day Loretta Lynn, just as talented and such a sweetheart! Can't wait to have her back in Mountain County!

Jim Quinton
Music Director

KTJJ 98.5 Farmington, MO

Tammie's new single is a BREATH of fresh Air....her voice soars in a song that harkens back to all that is good in country music. Tall Dark and Lonesome but not lonesome for long!

Scott Kubala
Program Director
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Aunt eloise

WBRF 98.1 Galax, VA

Tammie Davis is one of the best homegrown talents I have seen in 10 years .Wake up Nashville..This child is the real deal..Aunt Eloise Louise Cotton..I report.You decide..but Im still right....

Aunt Eloise Louise Cotton
Radio DJ/Personality/Morning Show Host on Blue Ridge Country, Galax, VA

Randy Gerrald, Hot Country Radio - "Tammie Davis is a bright star in the future of country music. When you hear this lady sing you will be hooked ! There are a lot of good singers in country music, but, there are only a few that are exceptional. Tammie Davis is one of those exceptional singers. From the, first time I heard Tammie I wanted to hear more. There are five songs on her Debut EP, Always & Forever Yours. I like all 5 but my favorite is between Always and Forever and Sexy Little Note. This ride is just starting so sit back and enjoy. Tammie is definitely going places."

DJ RayRay from Columbia, South Carolina had this to say after listening to Tammie for the first time... "Thanks a bunch Tammie! I went to your page and checked out the music. I like it alot. I meet so many artist and their recordings don't hold a candle to your sound, great job. I will be in touch, RayRay"
Fan Feedback

Brian - Awesome Fan from West Virginia
Tammie I dont think you really know how much you have made me smile today .. Just to listen you you sing is a bleesing in its self... I did add my email on your list and I Thank You.. I added my fav song of yours to my profile as well.. Then I asked my girlfriend to go listen to it.. Well I could hear her cry as she listened to it... I will promise you I will do whatever I can for us to come see you sing some day .. But I have to ask ... If I ask her to marry me some day ??? What would it take to get you to sing at the wedding??? You know I will promote what I can for you in my plz dont shoot me down for asking lol.. I know it would be hard for one man to have two dreams come true at the same time... But oh well you really have made our day and we thank you for that.... May God Bless You !!
Best wishes .. Brian

Lorna - Awesome Fan from West Virginia
Tammie, You are absolutely incredible. You have no idea what your song "Everything About You" means to me and my boyfriend (Brian). We are looking forward to hearing you in person. Good luck in eveything you do! We will do our best to spread the word! Lorna

Whitney - Louisiana
Your music is mind-blowing!!!! You have the most honest and beautiful voice I have EVER heard. I added ALL of your songs. It's like you wrote what my heart says.....YOU NEED TO BE ON EVERY RADIO STATION BEING HEARD!!!!!!!!! I will do whatever I can down here in Louisiana to get the word spread about you and your music.... girl you got the talent and the true heart for making it in Nashville ! I signed up for the fan letter and I can't wait to see you on TV and hear you on the radio. Keep the faith. Sincerely, Whitney (Mariposa)